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Why Skill Training

The youth comprises over one-third of the Indian population which in turn constitutes a major part of the labour force of the country. This unique demographic dividend can be fully utilized if we support and equip our youth with adequate education, skilling and growth opportunities.

Mere academic knowledge of subjects imparted through regular school curriculum hardly fetches jobs. And higher education is a distant dream for millions of youth in the country who live in disadvantaged situations.

It is not their lack of theoretical knowledge that causes this. Instead, it is the lack of right skills and attitude. There is thus a gap between the industry needs and the available workforce which needs to be addressed. In addition, the macro perspective affirms that, it is crucial for the energy of the underprivileged youth to be channelized properly with proper direction to aid economic growth and nation building.

What Dastak Foundation Do

Dastak Foundation realised that with a little hand-holding, youth can become the backbone of the Indian economy. If they are shown the right direction, they prosper, their family prospers and so does the country. And thus STeP or the Smile Twin e-Learning Programme was launched in 2011. The aim was and is to help as many youth as possible in getting gainful employment. They include those who have dropped out of school and those who have completed their Class X and XII.

This e-learning education programme of Smile Foundation has continued to create a pool of young and independent people through skill enhancement in tandem with market requirements providing training in soft skills, basic computer use, spoken English, and the basics of written communication as well.

With the pandemic, there was a steep rise in unemployment and a need to re-skill and upskill the youth as per the changing needs of people. The STeP initiative shifted focus to emerging sectors including healthcare assistance, digital marketing, BFSI and e-logistics.

Our Recent Activities

Find out the our recent activities below for our more detailed work.

Fields Of Change

Served more than 200 projects on education, healthcare, livelihood, and women empowerment in over 1,500 remote villages and urban slums across 25 states of India.


Education, nutrition and holistic development of children...


Taking healthcare services to doorsteps of hard to reach communities...


Nourishing more than 20K students per day ...

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